Meet the team

We are a purpose-driven team focused on products that move people. We spend a lot of time thinking about the impact of products on people’s lives — now and in the future.

Photo of Shripriya Mahesh

Shripriya Mahesh

General Partner

We built Spero Ventures around a single idea: Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a good life, and technology should help further that goal.

Photo of Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker

General Partner

I’m drawn to entrepreneurs who are makers— who are hands-on building the product in the early days.

Photo of Sara Eshelman

Sara Eshelman

General Partner

Technology should be solving real problems – for people and the planet. We’re starting with problems first and seeking out incredible founders working on them.

Photo of Marc Tarpenning

Marc Tarpenning

Venture Partner

I became an investor to help entrepreneurs bring about radical change.

Photo of Stephen Wemple

Stephen Wemple


I want to work with companies that make the world healthier, people more optimistic and society more productive.

Photo of Lisa Zieger

Lisa Zieger

Partner, Community & Network

At Spero, I hope to weave stronger connections within the Spero portfolio, enhancing our network and strengthening our brand. I’m also a trusted resource and point of contact for all things people-related.