Spero Ventures

How We Invest

  • We are thesis-driven, high-conviction investors.
  • We fund early-stage startups: primarily series A, occasionally B.
  • Regarding stage of life: If all you have is an idea, it’s too early for us. We will want to see a product in market and at least 9-12 months of cohort data.
  • If you are raising tens of millions of dollars, it may be too late for us to get involved.
  • We invest in opportunities that we believe can reach venture scale.
  • When possible, we invest in software or software-enabled hardware over just hardware.
  • We are drawn to the growth potential and the power of platforms and network effects.
  • We prefer to lead or co-lead.

The founding team of Spero Ventures in the construction zone of our new office. Clockwise from top middle: Rob Veres, Christina Li, Shripriya Mahesh, Ha Nguyen, Sara Eshelman

How We Work with You

  • We are deeply committed, and engage as much as founders want us to.
  • We know some ideas take time to catch on, so we offer patient capital.
  • We help companies scale to serve billions of customers. We’ve done this as operators and as advisors and board members.
  • We are willing to take bigger risks earlier if we see bigger potential later.
  • We attract attention and provide support to our companies by being their biggest evangelists.
  • We connect our companies to a network of other founders, advisors and domain experts.
  • We run design sprints with our companies to help validate solutions faster and accelerate learning.

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