Investing in the things
that make life worth living

Because purpose-led companies outperform

We focus on wellbeing, work & purpose, and human connection.

Our founders

and their missions

“Spero” is Latin for hope. We help founders build a hopeful future.

We’re a team of former startup founders, operators, and investors from landmark companies including eBay and Tesla.

We invest in determined founders building mission-driven technology companies in three focus areas: wellbeing, work & purpose, and human connection.

We prefer to lead or co-lead a $4-$10M round (late seed or Series A). Our typical check is $2-$4M, and we reserve capital for follow-on. We are conviction-based investors who play the long game.


Health and wellness for people and the planet

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Work and Purpose

The work we do and the way we learn

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Human connection

Fostering relationships between people

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We are thesis-driven, high-conviction investors. We invest in the things that make life worth living: well-being, work & purpose and human connection.

We believe in the power of technology to build the kind of future we want to live in

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