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Pierre Omidyar

Limited Partner

Pierre Omidyar is an entrepreneur and philanthropist best known as the founder of eBay, an online platform created in 1995 that today enables more than 150 million buyers and sellers to connect and prosper over shared interests.

Driven by the idea that change is possible given the right combination of insight, innovation, talent, and timing, Pierre continues to build a diverse portfolio of philanthropic and commercial projects. Spanning a variety of categories and addressing some of the world’s most complex issues, each of Pierre’s ventures is fueled by his endless curiosity, faith in humankind, and passion for challenging the status quo.

Pierre earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Tufts University. Born in Paris, France, he moved to the U.S. during grade school and today lives in Honolulu, Hawaii with his wife Pam and their three children.


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