Our Focus

We believe that no matter what the future looks like, the fundamentals of life will always stay the same, and these are our core areas of investment:


Health & wellness for people and the planet

Improving human and environmental health are two of the most basic ways you can empower people and improve their lives. 

Many of the very largest systems that all humans rely on — water, food, energy, transportation, product production and waste — were designed in a way that is detrimental to our personal and planetary health and are not sustainable. The economic, social and health impacts of climate change and industrial pollution are becoming too large to ignore: Unprecedented droughts, fires and floods have disrupted millions of lives and result in billions of dollars of loss each year. Consumers are concerned about the kind of future they will be living in and are searching for more sustainable products and services. How can we develop safer, more efficient food, water and energy systems? What can we do to improve power grids, recycling, environmental monitoring and disaster analytics?

People are demanding more control over their own physical and mental health. Doing so will require new kinds of information and access to care. What devices, apps and other tools and services can we provide people to help them live longer, healthier, more vibrant lives? How can genomics help us better understand our world and ourselves, and contribute to new solutions? How can we be more creative about feeding billions of people without further damaging the planet? 




The current level of atmospheric CO2, the highest in 10,000 years


of the 19 warmest years on Earth on record all have occurred since 2001


Annual cost of diet-related diseases, such as heart disease and obesity in the US

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Work and Purpose

The work we do and the way we learn

Automation, smartphones and globalization are changing the nature of work. Some careers will be extinct before we retire. Meanwhile, new machines and processes will lead to new jobs we never imagined. The idea of lifelong learning will take on new meaning. How can we rethink education and job preparation so that learning is available, desirable and accessible? At the same time, the gig economy, online marketplaces and the “side hustle” mindset are creating a new kind of self-directed workforce — one with more freedom, shorter contracts, more frequent employers and fewer benefits. How can we provide access and opportunity to more rewarding, satisfying work? How can we make sure people have the tools and support systems they need to thrive?

Nearly 1/2

of American jobs are at risk of being automated by 2040

0.1% of GDP

Amount the US spends to help people deal with changes in the workplace

$1 Trillion

Income earned by freelancers in the US in 2016

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Human Connection

Fostering authentic relationships

Loneliness is a growing health epidemic. It is closely tied to our emotional and physical well-being; it is equivalent to a 15-cigarettes-a-day smoking habit. We are more connected than ever, yet many services that were supposed to bring us closer together are pulling us apart. A sense of belonging and a caring community can provide the support we need to face unexpected challenges and pursue new opportunities. How can we use technology to help us spend more meaningful time together? How can we reduce stress and violence while increasing trust and generosity?


of smartphone owners are frequent users of social media


of millennials say they don’t have any real friends


of American adults report feeling lonely

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