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Make Purpose Your Company’s Foundation

Perspectives · July 25, 2017

Shripriya Mahesh discusses the value of purpose at the Product Leader Summit

Mistreatment of women isn’t limited to sexual harassment

Perspectives · June 28, 2017

Ha Nguyen shares advice for founders & CEOs on how build more diverse & inclusive teams.

Why We Invested: Bunker

Perspectives · May 18, 2017

A frequent topic in the robust discussion of the future of work is the increasing evidence of a rise in contract, freelance, and independent employment.

Founder’s Corner Interview with Sean Behr of STRATIM

Podcasts · December 13, 2016

Make your customers successful.

Founder’s Corner Interview with Leonard Speiser of Markov

Podcasts · December 6, 2016

“Don’t overthink things” advises Leonard.

Founder’s Corner Interview with Steve Spinner of RevUp

Podcasts · November 29, 2016

Don't be blinded by passion.

Founder’s Corner Interview with Nancy Lublin of Crisis Text Line

Podcasts · November 8, 2016

Work with people who love your passion, not you.

Founder’s Corner Interview with Andre Haddad of Turo

Podcasts · November 1, 2016

Andre discusses how to build for long-term success.

Founder’s Corner Interview with Michael Karnjanaprakorn of Skillshare

Podcasts · October 25, 2016

Michael shares his thoughts on getting to product-market fit, and more.

Why We Invested: Koko

Perspectives · August 8, 2016

The internet is, at its best, about human connections, trust between strangers and the power of people to help one another. It is on this foundation that Koko is built.

Why We Invested: Skillshare

Perspectives · June 21, 2016

A big change is underway in education. Improvements in broadband and mobile devices, among others, have powered new accessibility to digital content.

Why We Invested: RevUp

Perspectives · May 31, 2016

We are firm believers that greater political participation — and greater competition — enhances democracy.

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