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How to Build Rockstar Products

Partner Perspectives · December 20, 2017

In my current role, I advise startups on the best path to achieving product-market fit and building the next rocket ship. The key really is this: Build a product that people will love.

Tracing the Future of Food Safety

Partner Perspectives · November 29, 2017

Last week, I made the requisite trip to the local grocery store to procure the ingredients for our Thanksgiving feast, including onions, celery, potatoes...

10 Investors Who Are Authentically Committed To Funding Female Founders

Partner Perspectives · November 28, 2017

VC's investing in incredible founders, despite gender...

Founder’s Corner Interview with Andy Rachleff of Wealthfront

Podcasts · November 12, 2017

Andy shares lessons on pivoting and hiring, and passes along his favorite advice when it comes to dealmaking.

Founder’s Corner Interview with Tim Chen of NerdWallet

Podcasts · October 10, 2017

Advice for managing headcount, running successful meetings, and ditching the email to-do list.

Founder’s Corner Interview with Yancey Strickler of Kickstarter

Podcasts · September 26, 2017

How well-defined corporate values can guide hiring and business evolution.

Founder’s Corner Interview with Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn

Podcasts · September 12, 2017

As an investor and entrepreneur, Reid views a startup’s approach to product-market fit through the lens of an investment thesis.

The Keys to Building Successful Products

Founder Resources · August 22, 2017

Ha Nguyen, Product Partner at Omidyar Network, shares a 3 step process for building great teams and great products.

Founder’s Corner Interview with Jeremy Johnson of Andela

Podcasts · August 22, 2017

Transformational hiring: 3 shifts for stronger teams

Founder’s Corner Interview with Scott Heiferman of Meetup

Podcasts · August 8, 2017

In our new episode of Founder’s Corner podcast, Scott discusses his journey to start Meetup, and the missteps and challenges he tackles each day as a startup leader.

Make Purpose Your Company’s Foundation

Partner Perspectives · July 25, 2017

Shripriya Mahesh discusses the value of purpose at the Product Leader Summit

Mistreatment of women isn’t limited to sexual harassment

Partner Perspectives · June 28, 2017

Ha Nguyen shares advice for founders & CEOs on how build more diverse & inclusive teams.

Why We Invested: Bunker

Partner Perspectives · May 18, 2017

A frequent topic in the robust discussion of the future of work is the increasing evidence of a rise in contract, freelance, and independent employment.

Founder’s Corner Interview with Sean Behr of STRATIM

Podcasts · December 13, 2016

Make your customers successful.

Founder’s Corner Interview with Leonard Speiser of Markov

Podcasts · December 6, 2016

“Don’t overthink things” advises Leonard.

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