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The Stories You Must Tell To Sell

Founder Resources · October 24, 2018

The End-To-End Guide to Startup Hires, From Yelp’s Former COO

Founder Resources · October 24, 2018

Building a Future for Everyone: Re-capping No BS Breakfast with Spero Ventures

Founder Resources · October 2, 2018

Due Diligence with Terri Hanson Mead

Founder Resources · September 23, 2018

Angel investor Terri Mead discusses her due diligence process & checklist.

The 5 Questions Your Pitch Must Answer

Founder Resources · September 17, 2018

Patterson gives her most actionable tips for making your pitch shine.

4 Steps to New Product Success

Founder Resources · April 12, 2018

Product leaders discuss the four fundamental principles to developing innovative tech products.

How to Build Rockstar Products

Founder Resources · December 20, 2017

In my current role, I advise startups on the best path to achieving product-market fit and building the next rocket ship. The key really is this: Build a product that people will love.

The Keys to Building Successful Products

Founder Resources · August 22, 2017

Ha Nguyen, Product Partner at Omidyar Network, shares a 3 step process for building great teams and great products.